Our Services

Gatekey® provides engineering and manufacturing support services for product development, facility design and construction, and expert witness representation.

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Gatekey Engineering Services
Gatekey Engineering Speciality


We have design and construction expertise for semiconductor manufacturing, battery manufacturing, petro-chemical manufacturing, energy centers and data centers.

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Areas of Expertise

We have expertise in development, design, construction and manufacturing for several industries.

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Gatekey Engineering Services

What we do

We offer on-site and remote services for management and engineering challenges. Some of the key areas of support and training are listed below:

Gatekey Engineering Product Engineering

Support is available through all phases of product design and manufacture — from product inception through optimization of the manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance processes by the application of Lean Technology and Six Sigma methods.

  • Detailed product analysis
  • Product suitability for intended purpose
  • Failure analysis
  • Legal matters
  • New product development
  • Detailed stress analysis
  • Detailed Finite Element Modeling
Gatekey Engineering Facilities Product Engineering
Facilities Project

We have design and construction expertise for microelectronics manufacturing, battery manufacturing, petro-chemical manufacturing, energy centers and data centers.

  • Cleanroom design
  • Capital project scope development and feasibility studies
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Integrated project delivery and stakeholder collaboration
  • Multidiscipline coordination and staff augmentation
  • Change management in highly dynamic capital project environments
  • Root cause corrective action
  • Detailed stress analysis
Gatekey Engineering General Consulting

Our licensed professional engineers and experienced consultants are well qualified to teach and train client personnel in the techniques required to successfully achieve business objectives and to develop a self-sustaining Continuous Improvement program.

  • Quality systems development
  • Productivity and reliability improvements
  • Lean technology systems implementation and support
  • Six Sigma program development
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Pull planning and strategic planning
  • Metrics and analytics to identify areas for improvement
  • Scheduling
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Owner representation
  • On site or remote design review


Our management system empowers our employees to stay focused on the customer. Business decisions are centered on customer need. Stakeholder collaboration is highly valued and plans are adjusted to meet desired results.