Forensics & Legal

Regardless of the level of care put into the design, analysis and testing of your products, occasionally something happens that requires investigation for possible presentation in a courtroom setting. Our engineers have over 20 years’ experience in presentation in front of a jury and have mastered the art of describing complex phenomena in simple terms. In addition, our engineers pride themselves in their ability to get to the ‘root cause’ of the situation that caused the incident. Our primary areas of expertise are mechanical equipment, consumer products, materials failure analysis, explosions and fire cause & origin.


Typical projects that our engineers have performed include:

  • Analysis of Automobile Headlight Cover to Determine On/Off Condition Prior to Impact
  • Operability for Intended Purpose of Appliance Automatic Gas Control Valve
  • Stress Analysis of Ladder for Intended Support Condition, Suitability of Design
  • Numerous Pipeline and Piping Equipment Fractures