Our engineers have extensive experience in technology development. Whether you are at the concept stage or putting the finishing touches on a new product launch, we can help review your technology and ensure compliance with requested performance standards. Our extensive knowledge in a large number of scientific fields can help you to obtain unique solutions and to “cross pollinate” ideas. In addition, using such advanced tools as multiphysics simulation, we can model system operation and performance. In addition, we can research similar technology and help you to reduce the possibility of overlap.

Services we offer specific to product development that include;

  • Conceptualization and Product Function
  • Performance Requirements Compliance
  • Detailed Engineering Analysis
  • Simulation of Operation
  • Materials Selection
  • Codes & Standards Compliance Review
  • Review for Manufacturability
  • Evaluation of Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
  • Consumer Product Review
  • Detailed Finite Element Modeling of Linear/Non-Linear Systems:
  • Structures
  • Fluid Systems
  • AC/DC Electrical Systems
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Systems
  • Stress Analysis
  • Multiphysics Analysis
  • Model Validation and Correlation to Physical Approximations
  • Limit Analysis
  • Creation of a 'Design Envelope' for Safe Operation
  • Evaluation of Results by 'Design of Experiments'


Regardless of your industry or market focus, dominance can only be maintained by constant systematic improvement. The ‘new’ rules of business apply whether you call this process eliminating waste, developing lean practices or continuously improving quality. Lean and 6-Sigma procedures have been in place for at least 6 decades—to help your organization improve its performance. But what about design of the actual products you offer? How can you improve your products using similar techniques? Can you even apply lean principles to an iterative design cycle


We are tightly focused on helping your team during both the ‘development’ and ‘improvement’ portions of your product life cycle. Our team of qualified and experienced engineers will help your organization by providing the needed data and analysis for management decisions—data and analysis that will improve your products. To accomplish this, we use the most up-to-date engineering analysis software currently available in conjunction with experienced engineers who began their careers analyzing performance using paper and pencil. This unique capability of understanding the fundamentals (“the physics”) combined with familiarity of the software tools allows us to solve your difficult problems in the shortest possible time.


And then we expand from there. If necessary, we can perform detailed optimization and sensitivity analysis to determine how big your operating window is, how tight your manufacturing tolerances need to be, and what are the key features that control or limit your designs.