Our Services

Gatekey® provides a wide variety of engineering and manufacturing support services ranging from new product development, structural analysis, and representation in court cases, to the implementation of Lean Technology Services and Six Sigma programs to improve manufacturing processes from product development through launch and beyond.

Our licensed professional engineers and experienced consultants are well qualified to teach and train client personnel in the techniques required to successfully achieve business objectives and to develop a self-sustaining Continuous Improvement program.

Support is available through all phases of product design and manufacture — from product inception through optimization of the manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance processes by the application of Lean Technology and Six Sigma methods.

We offer on-site services to support both management and engineers in the challenges they face. Some of the key areas of support and training are listed below:

  • Detailed product analysis
  • Product suitability for intended purpose
  • Failure analysis
  • Legal matters
  • New Product development
  • Quality systems development
  • Productivity and reliability improvements
  • Lean Technology Systems implementation and support
  • Six Sigma program development
  • Total Productive Maintenance

Please contact us to learn how we can support and improve your organization to achieve the results you want.